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A good ol' American family business, Carhartt was started in 1889 by Hamilton Carhart. He was the very first to show compassion to the American railroad workers struggling with their lacking overalls, by introducing more rugged workwear. He added an extra 'T' behind his name to stand out from his fellow businessman, although in hindsight he might not even have needed to, as Carhartt is still in business providing clothing build to survive 'a day at the office'.

Now we’re not old American railroad workers, nor do we need overalls, but it is how Carhartt W.I.P came to life. Founded in 1994 as a distribution network for the brand across Europe, it introduced classic products from their original workwear range. After striking immediate success, especially in the urban culture scene, these days Carhartt Work-In-Progress literally suits us better too; a combination of their proofed quality, slimmer fits and seasonal pieces to meet our modern day standards. 

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