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Founded on the art, design and ideals of Shepard Fairey, it started for Fairey with an absurd sticker he created in 1989 while studying at the Rhode Island School of Design and has since evolved into a worldwide street art campaign, as well as an acclaimed body of fine art. The campaign is rooted in the Do It Yourself counterculture of punk rock and skateboarding, but it has also taken cues from popular culture, commercial marketing and political messaging, utilizing this with a biting twist of sarcasm verging on reverse psychology.

OBEY Clothing was formed in 2001 as an extension of his range of work. Aligned with his populist views, clothing became another canvas to spread his art and message to the people. The clothing is heavily inspired by classic military design, work wear basics, as well as the elements and cultural movements Shepard has based his art career on.

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