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In 1980, Shawn Stüssy was a talented surfboard shaper known for the punk rock/new wave-inspired art styles that he'd often put on his boards. To help promote his custom wave rippers, he started making graphic t-shirts emblazoned with his last name, written in a unique hand-lettered style.

That's how he met Certified Public Accountant Frank Sinatra Jr. What he saw in Stüssy wasn't instant dollar signs - it was authenticity, talent, and a truly unique character. Thus began a renegade partnership that would forever influence the way people thought about running a successful brand. After 30+ years in the game, Stüssy has outlasted numerous trends while birthing an industry of clothing brands that focus on limited runs, basic wardrobe staples, the self-aware mirroring of high-fashion labels and pop culture tropes - reaching a place where few would question the brand's continued relevance and staying power. 

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